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4D Long Stem Pre Made Fans Lashes 0.07mm 0.10mm 8-15mm

4D  | NEW Ultra Dark Long Stem | 0.07 & 0.10mm thickness | C & D Curl

4D Long Stem Premade Lashes are designed for cutting down the application time of volume eyelash extensions. The base is heat-bonded tightly.There’s no glue knot.
For clients who want a fuller voluminous look and hate to be on the lash bed for more than 2 hours, the pre fanned volume lash tray will be a good choice. 

Aorwoa Beauty Pre-Made volume fans are made of high-quality PBT synthetic materialsthat the fanned lashes are lighter, softer, fluffer.
Our lash extensions features an extremely lightweight and semi-gloss finish, which definitely will give your clients an ultra-natural wispy look!

1.Perfect root: Different from traditional processing technology.The root is pressed by the hot-melt procedure which makes the base more compact, thin, and comfortable.

2.A hand touches the bottom tape without sticking feeling: After countless tests, we finally found the bottom tape that is most suitable for viscosity. When the tweezers are clamped to the eyelashes, the reaction force of the tape to the eyelashes is minimizedand it solves the problem of falling apart easily and deformation.

3.The bottom tape width is ultra-short:It is easy to separate.

4.Hypoallergenic and no damage to the natural lashes: Pre fanned Russian lashes are made in a sterile, dust-free environment. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate your client's eyes.



·Thickness:0.07/0.1mm are all Available 

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